From the Pastor's Desk

Due to Corona Virus, we were not able to attend church and many of us watched the Mass on TV. Now as things have improved, our Archbishop has reinstated the Sabbath – to honor God and observe the Sabbath. This day is as the Lord designated; to be a day of communion with God and each other. This is one of the 10 Commandments. Simply, we as God’s children listen to God and spend time thanking and praising God. Once we are in communion with God, our life becomes orderly and meaningful. Our life has meaning because of our connection to God. The Sabbath is also a day for fellowship as we come together to praise God as a community of believers. God made us and has formed us into a community of faith when Jesus redeemed us into a mystical body.

Community worship is an important part of our Catholic life. It is a day of rest, celebration, and worship of God! Let us return to our community and to our Lord starting June 6th with the Feast of Corpus Christi. May the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ feed us spiritually and physically to live out our calling! 

Father Amal