From the Pastor's Desk

Good morning!! April16th-the second week of Eater -Friday!!! April 16th,1978 at 6 PM Bishop of Thanjavur RA SUNDARAM came to my village to ordain me. Before this it had never happened, The bishop always ordain at the cathedral!! Because my daddy was paralyzed for 14 years, the bishop favored me by coming to my village and ordained me about 43 years ago!!! I thank God for the greatest gift of our Lord Jesus Christ. I will be offering a thanksgiving Mass today at 12 noon. I am praying for all of your and your families, for parish community. I am very grateful to my dear parents and all who helped me to ascend to the altar and offer His sacrifice of the Mass!! I remember all the people who helped me to serve as His minister and still helping me to minister to Gods people!! We all need the Lord more than ever before during this the daunting Corona virus time. I like to remind all of us the words of our Lord Jesus "Be Not afraid" May almighty God bless all of you and keep you safe and sound.

With my priestly blessing, I remain yours gratefully, Father Amaldoss. G