July 6th & 7th - Archdiocese of New Orleans Propagation of Faith

Members of the Franciscan Mission will be at all masses July 6th & 7th. The Franciscan Mission works to support the mission of St. Francis of Assisi. Over 800 years ago, St. Francis stumbled upon a church in the little town that was in great despair. While in prayer over its condition in front of the crucifix, he heard the words, “Go repair my house.” Instead of attempting to raise the fund to start the rebuilding, he assumed his wealthy family would help. However, Francis was wrong, and was immediately disowned by his family. Francis decided to turn to his extended family, just as Jesus had done. He begged the community for help, and they reciprocated with joy. Francis learned to work with his hands to help the poor, and ask humbly for help when it was needed.

Today, the Franciscans are still using the inspiration of St. Francis to fund and support missions throughout the world. Their funds are used to provide financial support to orphanages, soup kitchens, medical clinics, sustainable water projects, and the development of farms to feed, while teaching people to farm for their own food. The Franciscans support the education of Franciscan missionaries, the building of churches, housing for the poor, and formation housing for Franciscan students. The Franciscan Missions also provides charitable relief to countries around the world that have been devastated from disaster.

Today, the goal of the Franciscan Missions is to bring their support and work to the United States. Their specific focus is on the youth and young adults of our country, to educate and support day to day experiences of the mission work of the Franciscan Order. The plan is also to maintain a “mission fraternity” in Waterford, WI, a fraternity of international friar-missionaries, whose purpose will be to pray for the missions and missionaries, while preaching and teaching about the Franciscan Mission.

Without your generous support, the Franciscans would be unable to continue and fulfill the mission spoken to them by the Lord. Just as the image of the cross spoke to St. Francis, and assured him that his people would help support Francis in his mission, the Lord is speaking to each one of us in our hearts to help these brothers support others less fortunate then ourselves and spread the good news of God through the work of their missions.