Letter From St. Joachim Leadership Council

The Leadership Council of St. Joachim Church

“The Little Church in the Woods”


 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we navigate through this “Challenge of the Corona Virus” we should remember that as a Community of St. Joachim’s we are united in Christ. While we might not be able to come together and worship in our “Little Church in the Woods” we are still able to worship at home. Prayer and our faith in the LORD will get us through these times.

The LORD hears all our prayers and always answer them. In the meantime, we need to continue to do GOD’s work here and now by reaching out to your neighbor, your family and even strangers to let them know that you care, and GOD will see us through this. We need to be wise and keep a safe distance from others as this virus remains a threat. CHRIST is present in all HIS children, and that is us.

In these times we need to be thankful for all HE has given us. Thank the persons that keep the shelves stocked, the persons who pick up our garbage, the restaurant workers and owners, thank the delivery person, thank the Health Care workers, First responders and the Clergy. They put themselves on the front lines helping and caring for us.

Our parish remains strong and vibrant, soon we will all be gathering to celebrate mass once again in our church to thanks GOD for all HE has done for us. The parish needs you to remain vigilant and ready to resume worship when COVID 19 is no longer a threat. This will take all of us to recommit our time, talents and treasures to the Community of St. Joachim’s Church.

Heed the instructions from our leaders, the President, the Governor, the Parish President, the Mayors, and our leadership in the Catholic Church. When you wash your hands, use soap and water for 20 seconds. We recommend that you say a “Reverent Hail Mary” during this activity as the 20 seconds count. This will take care of 2 of the most important ways to stop the spread of the virus. Prayer never hurts and is critical currently. Stay physically separated when interacting with others. 6 -10 feet is recommended, but that safe inner action is critical for those who are alone or feeling forgotten.

We will try to send out updates and information to all our Children of Christ here at “The Little Church in the Woods” as we receive them.

We remain yours in Christ,

Debbie Ipock