My Dear Parishioners Who Worship at St. Joachim and To All Who Worship in Christ:

As always, you and your family are in my prayers and close to my heart. Without your loving support and involvement, our community would cease to exist, so for you I am eternally grateful! I would like to inform you of some exciting news from the “Little Church in the Woods”. With the arrival of the new year, new renovations are in the plans for our parish community. As many of you are aware, in 2015 we began renovations to build a palace of worship for our Lord. We accomplished this through the generous donations of our benefactors and parishioners. As you know, I’ve always felt very strongly about seeing to it that Father Wanke’s dreams for St. Joachim to be a blossoming, vibrant parish come to fruition. Therefore, with the new decade, I’ve decided to confer with a group of business people and architects to devise a blueprint for converting the existing office and meeting room space into a multifunctional community center. This space will be dedicated to housing our religious education classes, ministry meetings, and ever-growing community fellowships. It will allow us to grow as a community and cater to our youth to further their religious journey to Christ.

We just do not have enough room for our roots to grow in our current pot, therefore the first phase of the renovation will be to move the current office space into its own private building, outside of the Church. I am working closely with the Building Department of the Archdiocese, and have created a financial plan for the new construction. The total cost of the new office will be $270,000. The financial plan is broken down into three parts. One parishioner has generously committed to 50% of the total cost. The remaining cost will be separated into two parts. We would like to secure 25% from our donors and benefactors and the remaining 25% satisfied through parish fundraising.

I humbly come to you today to ask for any donation you may be able to share to satisfy the remaining half of the building cost. I would like to secure $80,000 to bring to the Archdiocese to approve our financial commitment to the new construction. The Archdiocese has stated that we need to show at least $36,000 for them to sign off and approve the new building. Please know there is no minimum or limit to your generosity, every little bit will be used to contribute toward the dreams of our founding pastor. Installments or group donations can be used to lesson any financial strain. In recognition of your support, the new building will be dedicated to you, as a supporter and benefactor of St. Joachim with an engraved piece of artwork!

Please find it in your heart to support our efforts and do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss these exciting new plans for St. Joachim Catholic Church!


Yours in Christ,

Rev. G. Amaldoss, Ph.D.