NOLACatholic Friday Fish Fry Challenge

Fantastic NOLACatholic Friday Fish Fry Challenge! 

This year, the Clarion Herald and the Office of Communications will sponsor the inaugural Fantastic NOLACatholic Friday Fish Fry Challenge. Below are basic details for parishes, schools, and ministries that choose to participate:

  • All parishes have the opportunity to enter the judges’ panel and/or people’s choice challenges. Those participating in the judges’ panel have the opportunity to submit a “Lagniappe Dish” for consideration. A Lagniappe Dish is defined as a dish served other than fried fish that could be considered a main dish or a large side item (i.e. seafood gumbo).
  • A three person judges panel will critique entries based on flavor of the fish as well as the overall meal. It will be a blind judging, meaning the judges will not know which parish or school the meals are coming from when they judge.
  • Parishes submitting entries for the judges’ panel must commit to bringing a “fish plate” to a central location on one Friday, March 20 between 5 pm and 7 pm. Special consideration may be given for transportation of dishes from the Northshore or River Parishes.
  • People’s Choice Award will be determined by popular online vote.
  • Food items may not be submitted by a restaurant on behalf of a parish.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 15. Winners will receive a certificate and trophy for all categories with the “rights” to display the trophy until the 2021 winners are chosen.
This is an effort to capitalize on what both church and secular media and community have latched on to as part of Lent in an effort to be welcoming to both parishioners and neighbors of all faiths. Our focus throughout the competition will be to “witness with joy” to one another and those who come to share a fish meal. We may even share a few ideas about how to evangelize through your Fish Frys throughout the competition!  
So, what do you need to do?  Submit your fish fry information and schedule by Friday, February 14 using the form online here. Please contact Sarah McDonald in the Office of Communications with any questions at (504) 596-3023 or [email protected] for more information or with any questions.