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Holy Week Schedule 2023

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 4/01/22

Holy Week Masses 2023 Holy Thursday | April 6  | 6:00 pm Good Friday*    | April 7  | 3:00 pm *The Way of the Cross 5:00pm Holy Saturday  | April 8  | 8:00 pm Easter Sunday  | April 9  | 8:30 and 10:30 am

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Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 11/03/21

St. Joachim's Creative Thinking for Social Distancing

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 8/09/21

Many will remember the ribbons that blocked off the pews in the church when the initial request was made to social distance our parishioners in the Church during Mass.

This time around, St. Joachim has found a new way to enforce the social distancing requirement, keeping our parishioners safe, ... Read More »

Holy Father's Peter Pence

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 5/18/21

The May 23rd second collection is for the Holy Father’s Peter Pence.

The Peter’s Pence collection is a gesture of solidarity through which every member of the faithful can participate in the activity of the Pope as Pastor of the universal Church.

“The faithful’s offerings to the Holy Father through ... Read More »

From the Pastor's Desk

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 5/17/21

Due to Corona Virus, we were not able to attend church and many of us watched the Mass on TV. Now as things have improved, our Archbishop has reinstated the Sabbath – to honor God and observe the Sabbath. This day is as the Lord designated; to be a ... Read More »

Message from Archbishop Aymond

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 4/27/21

Clergy, Religious and Laity Mass Obligation

From the Pastor's Desk

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 4/16/21

Good morning!! April16th-the second week of Eater -Friday!!! April 16th,1978 at 6 PM Bishop of Thanjavur RA SUNDARAM came to my village to ordain me. Before this it had never happened, The bishop always ordain at the cathedral!! Because my daddy was paralyzed for 14 years, the bishop favored ... Read More »

Call to Action!

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 2/03/21

The Men’s Club needs your help for this year’s Lenten Fish Fry! Volunteers are needed to help take orders, cook and assemble, and serve fish plates each Friday in Lent. Please contact Donovan at if you can assist in anyway!



In Loving Memory

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 1/08/21

Over the last couple of weeks our St. Joachim family lost two very loved parishioners, Adeline Smith and Andrew Daigle. These were two dedicated, faithful parishioners who inspired us all with their love and faith.  Our St. Joachim Family will truly miss Andrew and Adeline! We express our deep ... Read More »

Christmas Baskets

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 12/11/20

St. Joachim will distribute 25 Christmas baskets to families in need this year. We are asking for our parishioners to sponsor a family. Please call our office or email if you know of a family in need. Distribution will take place on December 22nd at 10:00 am with ... Read More »