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CCD 1st Reconciliation and Communion Information

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 5/18/20

Good morning Everyone,   Hope everyone has been well during this unprecedented time.  Now that we are in Phase 1, we can proceed.  The children in first grade, and 3rd through 8th grade will pass and move on to the next grade next year.  I will send out an email ... Read More »

Announcements from the Archdiocese of New Orleans

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 5/01/20

Please note the following updates from St. Joachim in regard to the reinstatement of public Mass for the Archdiocese of New Orleans. An announcement has been made that public Masses may resume this weekend - May 2, 2020. In order to slowly begin the process, the Archdiocese recommends limiting ... Read More »

From the Pastor's Desk

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 4/21/20

The last couple of months have been a big puzzle and  challenge to humanity as to how we live where do we live as well as will we ever live here on Earth!?  Everyone is running, hiding, and washing their hands, searching for some permanent solution; to move away ... Read More »

Special Mass

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 4/17/20

On Saturday, April 18th there will be a special Mass celebrated at 5pm. Father Amal will be praying for all of our St. Joachim community! Mass will be recorded and uploaded to our social media sites.

Letter From St. Joachim Leadership Council

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 4/17/20

The Leadership Council of St. Joachim Church “The Little Church in the Woods”


 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we navigate through this “Challenge of the Corona Virus” we should remember that as a Community of St. Joachim’s we are united in Christ. While we might not be ... Read More »

Updated Hours

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 3/18/20

Additional updates from St. Joachim:

Sacraments such as baptism, or funerals, marriages etc. can be celebrated but in very small groups and at the discretion of the presiding Priest and those involved.

Father has decided that the Church will be open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for private prayer ... Read More »

Coronavirus Update

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 3/16/20

Attention Parishioners:

This is the time we all need to pray for protection from the pandemic of the Coronavirus. We need to be on the watch and take enough care for ourselves and our families. We will leave the Church open for prayer and comfort. Who can comfort us ... Read More »

From the Pastor’s Desk

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 3/13/20


Father Amal would like all our parishioner to know that St. Joachim will continue with Masses and events as scheduled. We are a small parish and will be observing the recommendations from the Archdiocese, ceasing kissing as a sign of peace and giving communion without wine. Father would ... Read More »

My Dear Parishioners Who Worship at St. Joachim and To All Who Worship in Christ:

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 3/02/20

As always, you and your family are in my prayers and close to my heart. Without your loving support and involvement, our community would cease to exist, so for you I am eternally grateful! I would like to inform you of some exciting news from the “Little Church in ... Read More »

Lenten Friday Fish Fry

Posted by Meghan Thibodaux on 3/01/20